Thursday, February 28, 2013

A week in the life... all started on the car ride back home from Agrigento...the first signs that yet another seasonal cold was upon us.  Caleb was quite unhappy and had a fever, plus he had a cough that was nagging and seemed to be getting worse...

Fast Forward to Day 6 of said "seasonal cold" and here is our week in review. 

We've had:

*  6 gloopy gloppy eyes filled with conjunctivitis (pink eye)
*  5 continual days of fevers
*  4 nights with 5 - 10 shout outs for Mom and Dad
*  3 days since I took a shower (yuck!)
*  2 sick parents and a mom with no voice and shortness of breath
*  1 little girl with a double ear infection

+ a LOT of coughing, whining, and movies!!!

Thankfully, for a family with young children we are usually quite healthy...and this week has been a giant exception to that general rule.  Please pray that we all get healthy soon!!

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