Sunday, March 16, 2014

Washington, DC

After our busy weekend in PA we decided to take the slow route home and stopover in D.C.  Hannah and Chris had generously offered to host the three big guys, so Josh and I (and our fearless sidekick Eden) found a little apartment to rent in Capital Hill and made our way to a delicious sushi restaurant for dinner; a lovely evening almost alone! Meanwhile the kids were enjoying dinner and a movie and a special night in with Aunt Han! (Sadly, they didn't even get to see Chris who was super busy hosting a group with CSM and ended up with only a short night of sleep, missing them completely.)  
Hannah has been a D.C. resident since she and Chris returned from their honeymoon in early January and she has quickly become more of a local than a visitor.  She was a wonderful tour guide for us and we loved seeing so much of her new hometown.
On Monday, while Hannah worked, we visited the Air & Space Museum and the White House.
Eden and her royal wave.

This is Josh and Elise leaping over the fence while being chased off of the White House grounds by armed guards.
Eden: "Faster, dad, faster!"
Highly recommended picnic spot for a cold day...the atrium of the National Portrait Gallery!
A favorite site, the Lincoln Memorial.
Well...we'll take what pics we can get of this motley crew!

Thanks for the wonderful visit Aunt Hannah.  Hope we'll be back soon!

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  1. This makes me so sad that we weren't there too! So many favorite things in all these photos! Where did you get sushi? Nooshi on 8th St is the closest sushi to your rental that I know of, and it is a place that Elliott and I love, so I thought I'd check so I can picture you, Josh, and Eden there afterwards. ;-) And the National Portrait Gallery has seen me and little Lena for many, many picnics!

    Miss you all, as always!