Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring happenings.

Well, spring is here at last and boy are we happy about that. Both of the kids would probably live outside and be barefoot at all times if I would allow it, so we are quite glad that warmer weather is upon us. We've recently enjoyed trips to all of our favorite fair weather hangouts - the zoo, the botanical gardens, our favorite neighborhood playgrounds, etc... Caleb is doing a good bit of walking on his own now, but will most likely wear out the knees in all of his pants before the spring is over. (I'm trying to have a good attitude about this!) Elise is ever the adventurer - climbing, jumping, and swinging on everything she finds. We've picked bouquets of dandelions, splashed in puddles, and counted robins and worms around the neighborhood. Spring sure is a busy time!

This past weekend we had the chance to enjoy 3 days with Josh home from work so we headed back to Sperryville for one last adventure in Shenandoah Nat'l Park. We started off by meeting my Aunt Gail for dinner in Charlottesville. That was a fun and last minute plan, so we were very glad that she could join us. (soooo Woodworth!) On Saturday we hitched up the bike trailer (which fits both kids) and went for a lovely scenic (and rather hilly) ride along RR 600. I think we saw one car the whole time we were out there. The rolling country hills, farmland, and mountain backdrop were really beautiful. Next we headed back to our house in town to get some lunch and take naps. After we all woke up we drove up to the Skyline Drive to enjoy the scenery and have a short hike in the late afternoon. Caleb rode in style on Josh's back and Elise walked along happily for almost 2 miles. She was quite chatty and kept us entertained by saying things like "Elisey is a good mountain climber." "Be careful Mommy, this place is bumpy." and "When you see a rock, say 'Salta(jump)'." (thanks to Dora for that one) We had the special treat of coming back to our car and finding a mother and baby deer eating grass just a few feet away from us. We had a quick dinner in the park and then headed home after a big day of fresh air and exercise. Sunday morning we took it pretty slow and since the weather wasn't very nice we didn't really feel the need to do much. We made our way back to Norfolk in the late afternoon to get ready for the week ahead.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Caleb is one!!!

We had a very fun time celebrating our sweet little Caleb's first birthday. He loved the balloons and singing and thought the cupcakes were really great (though he promptly emptied the contents of his mouth whenever we tried to give him a bite). Still, he had a great time mashing the cupcake into little bits and throwing them all around.

Caleb continues to be our happy, sociable, sweet little man. He's crawling like a maniac and likes walking around with our help...I'm sure he'll be running laps around us in no time!

We had the Smileys and Drydens over for dinner and cupcakes and Caleb really enjoyed all the festivities.