Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A new "toy" for mom

Housecleaning has become a bit of a nightmare for me lately as the crumbs, spills, and general clutter seem to always have the upper hand. I've finally come to terms with the fact that is it unreasonable to replace our sofa once a year, so we've decided to purchase a steam cleaner. We had come fairly close to reaching a point where neither I nor Josh wanted to sit upon the milk spots, juice stains, dirty foot prints, and other questionable marks of discoloration on our couch - let alone wanting to offer it as a place for guests to have a seat. Now, after a serious wash/steam session - the sofa has returned to it's previous pre-children-in-the-house glory. Next up...carpets, car upholstery, and I'm pretty sure Josh would like to steam clean the kids instead of giving them a bath (if there was a setting for that!)

We actually did also purchase a dustbuster to attend to the crumb issue, so now all I need to purchase is a house de-clutterer and I will be set!!! Let me know if you have an idea where I can find one!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Updates, Etc...

Yes, it's true we're expecting our 3rd little bundle this fall...and yes, it's also true that our oldest will turn three in July and that we will now have resided on three different continents within the last three years.

Here it is the beginning of May and life seems to be in fast forward mode as we approach our summer move to Italy. We took the plunge and purchased a mini-van to cart our soon to be family of five on adventures around Europe. Elise and her friends think it's the coolest thing ever and have even had several mini-van play dates just to climb around and check out all the great features (at least someone thinks it's cool!)

We're enjoying the cool(ish) spring days here in Virginia and packing our days full with work and play. There is a lot to do to get ready for our move, so much of our time in the evening is spent making lists and trying desperately to check at least a few things off those lists. Luckily we have some great sponsors in Italy who have been super helpful and informative to us as we plan and prepare for what's ahead!!