Sunday, September 28, 2014


***Next stop, Northern California!  We began our California adventure in Redwood National Park and then traveled on to San Francisco.  Ancient trees, deciduous rain forests, and the beautiful coast...  maybe we can commute to St. Louis from here...***


Elise:  Look what she found during our hike to Enderts Beach...did I mention we are in LOVE with tidepools! (Redwood National Park)

Caleb:  A friendly fisherman directed us to a hike along Fern Canyon and we were so glad we took his advice.  Watching the kids cross bridges and downed trees as we crisscrossed the meandering creek nestled between bright green canyon walls made for a wonderful day! (Redwood National Park)

Lucas:  For as energetic and intense as he can be, this guy really loves his little sister.  I love watching him be so calm and tender with only lasts a minute, so I have to soak it up while I can! (Muir Woods)

Eden:  Too bad I didn't catch this on video, the squeals of delight that come from this girl whenever she sees any kind of animal are just so stinkin' cute! (Redwood National Park) 


***This is the week we fell in love with Oregon...and tidepools!  We enjoyed several days on the northern coast, just outside Astoria, before traveling down to Crater Lake to spend the rest of the week.  What a beautiful state!***


Elise:  Loving the sand and surf during our day at Cannon Beach.  

Caleb:  The finder of our first whole sand dollar...soooo exciting!

Lucas:  Always bounding through life!

Eden:  She has taken such joy lately in following in the footsteps of her big siblings...couldn't keep her toes out of Crater Lake.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


***Spent a glorious week in Seattle visiting with Josh's sister Emily and her family.  It was so nice to have one home base for the week and then enjoy various adventures from there.  Our adventures included Tacoma Zoo, The Children's Museum, Deception Pass, Mt. Rainier, the Eagles season opener, Green Lake, and more!!***

Elise:  "Homeschool"...Working on our Jr. Ranger badges at Mt. Rainier.  What a cool classroom!

Caleb:  Bounding fun at Mirror Lakes.

Lucas:  The current phase is to run into just about every picture I try to take and look up with a huge grin.  Makes it hard to get a candid shot, but I think I like it!

Eden:  So special to watch her and Zia together...such happy little wanderers!


***  We enjoyed most of the week in Yellowstone and headed on to Glacier National Park.   What amazing and beautiful places to see and explore!***

Elise:  Our star hiker and climber was kind enough to offer Lucas a ride on our way to Hidden Lake.  (Glacier)

Caleb:  Silly man enjoying the ride on St. Mary's Lake.  (Glacier)

Lucas:  Are you kidding me, Dad?  We get to play with hot mud that's bubbling out of the ground?!?  Yes, please!  (Yellowstone)

Eden:  Sweet Eden has been quite good at keeping up with this crazy crew!  (Glacier)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


*** This was a busy week of travel for us.  We spent the weekend in Minneapolis with my Aunt Amy, Uncle Bob and cousins and then continued on through the Badlands to Mt. Rushmore.  Spent a few days there in South Dakota and then ended the week in Yellowstone, where we got a surprise visit with my brother, Ben!***


Elise:  She loved this little stream that ran down the side of the path we hiked down in the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone.  We had fun finding it as it meandered it's way down the hill to the chasm below.

Caleb:  Fell in love with kayaks this summer and loved being at the helm here at the little lake near our campsite in SD.

Lucas:  These two!  I hope and pray they grow up to cherish their friendship and their bond as brothers.

Eden:  A girl and her mean, dad!  She really does love him quite a lot...with or without a package of berries in hand.


A brief update:  We've been 'on the road' for almost six weeks now and seem to always have limited access to wi-fi...I will do my best to back date these posts with some of our adventures from recent weeks!  Thanks for your patience!!

After leaving Eagle Camp in Vermont, we traveled to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and spent several days there before heading to Norwalk, Ohio to spend time with Josh's Grandpa and extended family.  His parents kindly met us there and we got to enjoy a special time with them, too!


Elise:  Having a grand time at the Huron County Fair!  This girl gives me a run for my money when it comes to whirling, twirling rides! 

Caleb:  Soaking up the spray from the falls...I think he liked it!

Lucas:  Our first Dippin' Dots experience...also at the Huron County Fair.  Lucas never met a sweet he didn't like!

Eden:  My little lady of the mist.  She was such a good sport during our chilly and wet ride to see the falls up close.