Sunday, January 25, 2015

week four


Elise:  Lots of Saturdays have been dedicated to "settling" in here lately.  Yesterday, the kids helped Josh put together at least 6 pieces of furniture...kind of like giant lego projects, I suppose!

Caleb:  In an attempt to save my sanity, I asked the kids to each pick a dinner and help me plan for it.  Caleb had just tasted a nibble of these BBQ meatballs at Trader Joe's and was desperate to make them at home...a tad on the spicy side, but for the most part, a hit!

Lucas:  I'm pretty sure I posted a similar picture in December when he first mastered the two-wheel bike sans training wheels, but he asked me to take a picture of his new helmet and that smile just melts my heart.

Eden:  Stickers, again!  Also, needed to remind myself that she's not always walking around tearing the house apart...

Saturday, January 17, 2015

week three


Elise:  The kids are signed up for a local event called “Read, Right, & Run” with the idea that for each week over a 26 week period they will run one mile, read (at least!) one book, and do one act of kindness.  The culminating event is a one mile run around Forest Park with thousands of kids from around St. Louis to complete this “marathon” of activities.  This week our act of kindness was making vases for teachers at school to say “thanks a bunch” (of flowers!) for all you do.  My sweet girl, hard at work…always so earnest. 

Caleb:  Runs in the door after school and can barely give me a hug OR unpack his backpack before he’s involved in some creative endeavor.

Lucas:  This has to be one of my absolute favorite doodles by our Lulu!  It’s from a few months ago, but I found it in a pile of things I was putting away this week and it made me smile.

Eden:  In love with stickers these days and grinning away after Caleb “caught” her sticking them all over herself.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

week two


Elise:  Hello 80's!  Elise is enthralled with cursive and has spent lots of time practicing lately.  We also recently taught her how to draw some 3-D shapes along with the all important infinity sign we learned in grade school.  Throw back!

Caleb:  Backyard art project.  He made this nature sculpture for me using bark, moss, magnolia leaves and sticks he found in the yard.  He later requested it back because he really liked it, but he has allowed me to keep it on the hutch in the dining room.  :) 

Lucas:  Quiet time project! (A favorite for my puzzle guy.)

Eden:  Yup, just about always by my side in the kitchen.  Pesto anyone??

Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015: week one

One of these days I will go back and finish out my weekly photos from 2014.  Things got a little crazy as we unpacked, painted, settled in and got ready for the holidays!  Now 2015 is upon us and already well's a bit of what we've been up to lately...


Elise:  Taught the kids how to play the card game "Golf" and it was an instant hit.  I spent countless hours playing cards with my cousins when we were kids; what a treat to share an old classic with them.

Caleb:  After an impromptu drawing lesson from Uncle Grant while we were home in PA (I think it happened in the car on the way to church!), Caleb has been in constant doodle mode.  I can't get over the expressions of these guys!

Lucas:  Many sweet memories being made in this kitchen!

Eden:  Watching her play with my old Sylvanian Family animals makes me so happy!