Sunday, February 6, 2011

La Plagne, France - Oui!

Met our wonderful friends in Geneva for an overnight stop off before we all headed for the snowy and beautiful French Alps. We were in Geneva just long enough to sample some Swiss chocolates and pasteries and catch a glimpse of Lake Geneva and it's famous Jet d'Eau water fountain. Next Stop...La Plagne, France. There we met up with friends from Paris to spend six wild and lovely days with our 3 families. (3 couples and 6 children - Elise was the oldest child, hence the "wild" part)

The view from our apartment window! Florence was able to find an amazing place for us to stay. Six bedrooms (almost enough room for all of us!) and we could pop our skis on as soon as we walked out the back door!

An adventure for Caleb and Elise. We headed for the bunny slope and enjoyed some "high speed" sledding. Josh wore skis and pulled them up on the rope tow - I wore Lucas! Maybe next year we'll all wear skis.

Elise LOVED the snow - sledding on it, playing in it, and of course...eating it!

Thanks to Aida and Florence for watching all 3 of our kids so I could spend a few afternoons on the slopes!

Yannick, Bryan and Rebecca...up, up, and away!

Breathtaking views everywhere you looked! I "heart" the Alps!

Eleah, Elise and Caleb enjoying a quick "bon-bon" (candy) break while playing in the snow. Isn't life good?!?

And now for a little culture...fattened duck liver, anyone?!? The first time we met Yannick - 6 years ago while visiting Bryan in Paris - he could not wait to introduce us to the world of foie gras, a French delicacy commonly served during the Christmas holiday. Let's just say, it's okay with me that I only eat it once every 6 years...and I'm glad I didn't read the wikipedia article before I ate it!

Each family took turns cooking dinner during the week. We enjoyed amazing French and Italian meals (my "American" meal went over well, too!) - best of all was that we would have dinner after the kids went to bed and we would talk and laugh and eat for hours!