Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lake Champlain, Vermont

I'm not sure if anyone can remember the exact year, but I do know that for the better part of the last 35 years my extended Woodworth family has spent the first week of August on the shores of Lake Champlain...simply enjoying being together.  We sleep in tents, eat at a dining hall, splash in the chilly water, drink coffee, play time honored games like bocce and shuffleboard, and have a really really really good time.  
This year we had the added blessing of being there with all six of my siblings and the seven (soon to be nine) grandchildren that make up my immediate family as well.  
We were all pretty sleep deprived by the end of the week (the one year olds must have conspired to make each night seem like it lasted forever...not in the good way!)...but we made a lot of wonderful memories and the joy of being together made the sleepless nights worth it!

Grant won the prize and got to travel with us for the 8 hour drive from PA to VT...he lived to tell about it, too!  Here we are crossing Lake Chaplain on the ferry - the best part of the trip for sure!
Quintessential Eagle Camp!

Cool guys on the hammock!
The kiddos with our waitress, Mckayla...who was verrrry patient and sweet with all of us!
My cousin, Suzanne, rocked some family zumba time one night after dinner.  (complete with glow sticks!)
Blast off! 

Sweet cousins and lifelong friends!  

Sunday, August 10, 2014


*Slices of Camp Life*

Elise:  Sweet seven year old smiles!!!!

Caleb:  Stopped by Uncle Steve and Aunt Ellen's cabin and met their friendly neighborhood chipmunk.

Lucas:  Future Shuffleboard Champ-In-Training!

Eden:  Just love watching her explore this great, big, beautiful world.  

Sunday, August 3, 2014



Elise:  Snack time with much fun!

Caleb:  Checking out the fabulous new deck at the cottage...he could have stayed there and watched the builders all day.

Lucas:  Decided he wanted to read "Go Dog Go" ...over and over...he was pretty excited about it!

Eden:  My sleepy little girl with an impromptu nap during our day at the cottage.