Sunday, September 28, 2014


***Next stop, Northern California!  We began our California adventure in Redwood National Park and then traveled on to San Francisco.  Ancient trees, deciduous rain forests, and the beautiful coast...  maybe we can commute to St. Louis from here...***


Elise:  Look what she found during our hike to Enderts Beach...did I mention we are in LOVE with tidepools! (Redwood National Park)

Caleb:  A friendly fisherman directed us to a hike along Fern Canyon and we were so glad we took his advice.  Watching the kids cross bridges and downed trees as we crisscrossed the meandering creek nestled between bright green canyon walls made for a wonderful day! (Redwood National Park)

Lucas:  For as energetic and intense as he can be, this guy really loves his little sister.  I love watching him be so calm and tender with only lasts a minute, so I have to soak it up while I can! (Muir Woods)

Eden:  Too bad I didn't catch this on video, the squeals of delight that come from this girl whenever she sees any kind of animal are just so stinkin' cute! (Redwood National Park) 

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