Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Please Pray!

Just wanted to ask for your thoughts and prayers as we head into countdown mode for our little boy's arrival. With my due date 10 days away we're prayerfully considering all of the options for his birth "day." (with just a few minor timing complications thrown in the mix!!)

First, I've started to fret a bit (okay, I cried a LOT yesterday!) about child care for Elise and Caleb since there are so many unknowns and factors out of our control and since we only know a few people who we'd feel comfortable calling at a moment's notice. Please pray that we will be able to have a few willing volunteers lined up and that Elise and Caleb will be in good hands whenever we need to head to the hospital.

Secondly, most of you know that Josh will be heading back to PA next Saturday, Oct. 16th and returning here to Italy on Wednesday, the 20th. He will fly much of Saturday, be the best man in Aric and Cindy's wedding on Sunday, take his pediatric board exam on Monday, and fly back on Tuesday (overnight into Wednesday). We would obviously really like for him to be HERE when the baby is born.... I have a doctor's appt. tomorrow and we're hoping to have some "info" as to whether or not things are "progressing" towards the baby's birth - there are a few things we can do to help "encourage" him to arrive (mainly having me induced), but we don't want to rush him out or end in a "failed induction" (c-section).... so it's hard to know exactly what to do. (Sorry that's all a little vague - I don't want to scare you with all the gory details!!) Please pray that we'll have some clear data from my appt. that will point us in the right direction for how to proceed in the week ahead.

Lastly, we're having a 3rd baby and I'm pretty overwhelmed lately by the two little ones we already have. I know a lot of it is still the stress of adjusting to life here in Italy and getting settled....still sometimes I wonder if I will ever be able to leave the house again with 3 bambinos at my side!! Would appreciate your prayers for my mental/emotional state will ALL the changes and adjustments in our family life over the past few months and in the days/weeks ahead. THANK YOU!!!

In other news, my mom will arrive here on Friday, October 15th (Happy Birthday Em!) and stay for two weeks - which will be wonderful!!! We're looking forward to having her visit and showing her just a little taste of our new home and life in Sicily (and we will hopefully be unpacked by then too!)

So... hope that doesn't make me sound like I'm totally losing it...but really, we would thoroughly appreciate your thoughts and prayers for all the above mentioned requests.

P.S. I should mention that we are incredibly thankful and feel so blessed that Baby Boy Arthur is healthy and doing well and that I've had a very "easy" (ha, ha!!) pregnancy....we really just need him to make his debut before next Saturday - or after Wednesday the 20th!!!!

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