Monday, April 11, 2011

Sweet Lucas - 6 months old

Yes, it's true...Lucas is already six months old! He has been a wonderful addition to our "non-stop party house" and we love him so much. Elise and Caleb take great joy in their ability to make him giddy with excitement. They are very quick to hand him a toy, do a dance for his entertainment or get in his face with an enthusiastic "gugga, gugga" or other made up word in their baby talk repertoire! They also call him "Luke" as their little nickname for him which I think is really sweet. Lucas loves to roll over and is very proud of his newest trick, sitting up like a big guy! He's pretty much a slobber machine these days - which either means that teeth are on their way, or that he totally neglects to swallow. He seems to love being a part of the craziness here at home and does a pretty good job of making his needs known (that's actually a euphemism for being a tad high maintenance!) Lucas has recently joined the super sleeper baby club and now sleeps about 11 hours at night without waking - hooray!We can't wait to see what the coming months will bring as we get to know our little man more and more each day!

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