Thursday, December 13, 2012

snow, SnOw, sNoW, SnoW, SNOOOOOOW!!

This past weekend we headed north to enjoy lots of fresh snow, quaint Bavarian towns, and festive Christmas markets.  Our first stop was Nuremberg.  From there we also visited Erdlinger and Bamberg.  It was a magical five days in our own little winter wonderland!

We arrived in Munich and drove about two hours north to reach Nuremberg.  We decided to stop by the city center to enjoy the Christkindl Market and get some dinner before heading to our apartment just outside the city. 
Most of the markets are located in the main "platz" or square of the city.  As in Italy, this usually centers around the city's main church or cathedral. 
What to dine on in Nuremberg?...Hot Nuremberg sausage from a market stand, of course. 

Our first experience with cotton candy...honestly, the boys would not even try it.  Didn't think I'd have to work so hard to get them to eat a mountain of sugar!  Well considering there were shops filled with candies, cookies, and other sweets around every corner - I guess I would have chosen something else as well.  They ended up with gummy bears instead. 
Off to Bamberg!   We were looking forward to enjoying SOME snow in Germany, but I honestly did NOT expect for it to snow heavily and almost constantly for the duration of our 5 day visit.  Normally, I would have been absolutely overjoyed (ask Josh!), but the reality of dressing, undressing, and dealing with 3 small children and their snow clothes was a bit daunting!
Everyone has to taste it!
Survival Tip #739 - stop for a hot cocoa and bathroom break approximately once an hour!  We usually just shared one hot cocoa as a family and gave everyone the chance to warm up their fingers and toes.  It was a good and necessary system!

Kinder punch!  Another welcomed cold weather tonic. 
Thank goodness for a hand-me-down coat I had stashed in the closet.  I hadn't thought to try on the boys' coats until the night we were leaving...turns out, Caleb did not fit into his 18-24 month coat (kind of good news since he's almost 4) and Lucas needed an upgrade, too.

"Snow Ice Cream"
The first snowman of the season - and the first one Elise has built all by herself!  Can you find it??
Lovin' it!

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