Monday, March 18, 2013

Guess Who's FOUR?!?

Our sweet little Caleb Asher Arthur is NOT so little anymore! While being sick on his actual birthday - we managed to spread his birthday cheer and celebration over the next several weeks - including dinner with friends on the 25th, a steady stream of packages and cards from the States in the days that followed, and a rescheduled birthday party with friends at Miss Lorrie's Farm!
I'm telling you...this poor boy was SICK! eye...yucky cough...the works!  He did manage to enjoy the cupcake that he and Daddy and Lucas had made the day before...and he was a really good sport while we shared dinner with the Garbers and our friend Brian, who was in town from Naples.
Straight from Sherwood Forest...many thanks to Grammy for the fun new costume to add to our repertoire!
Birthday Celebrating...Take 2...both our family and Miss Lorrie recovered from illnesses so that we could enjoy a party with great friends at Lorrie's farm in nearby Paterno.
A rare viewing of my 3rd trimester self...31 weeks and counting!
Sometimes it's just great to be a kid!
Pony rides for everyone...the birthday boy led the way!
Next stop:  Hot dogs on the fire pit...yum!  For the adults:  A delicious spread of Sicilian appetizers (grilled eggplant, bruscetta, fresh ricotta and honey, frittata, etc...)  Thank you, Lorrie!
A "Sicilian" birthday least for Caleb!  Since strawberry season hits here in February/March - Strawberry Shortcake is the perfect "winter" birthday cake.
Love Daniel's sneak attack on the strawberry shortcake!

A sweet birthday gift from Caleb's best bud, Stevie!  We have been putting that airplane together and taking it apart a LOT over the past week!  The boys think having their own "real" power drill is AMAZING!

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