Monday, June 10, 2013

A visit from Grammie: Two weeks in review.

We've had the wonderful treat of welcoming my mom into our home as she's traveled to Japan, Virginia, and Sicily (x2) to cuddle our newborn babes, keep us company, and take care of us! The kids were so excited to have her here and we thoroughly enjoyed her visit. We managed to have some quiet days at home and some little adventures around our dear Sicily as well.
Sweet Eden gets to meet her Grammie!
Watching "Leave it to Beaver" - so classically "Woodworth"
A gift from Grammie and Granddad - an Italian doll especially for our little girl from Sicily.
A snack in the piazza - the perfect early summer treat!
Grammie loved the tour the boys gave her around the Motta Castle and surrounding neighborhood.
Mom and I got a girls' day in Caltigirone, too!
Elise couldn't wait to share the Butterfly House with Grammie!
This is what happened when Grammie told Caleb "not" to smile for the picture!
Enjoying the day at Cassabile, our favorite beach
A night away in Vendicari Nature Reserve - a lovely agriturismo right by the sea and a fun getaway for all of us!

We love you, Grammie!


  1. I can tell that everyone enjoyed having her there! Blessings

  2. Love these photos! Can just feel the love. You're so blessed to have been able to spend that special time with your Mom!!