Saturday, September 7, 2013

Sweet Reunions!

We were so excited to plan a playdate/reunion with our dear friends the Capps.  Joseph and Josh went to UNC together many moons ago.  Joseph then married lovely Kristen and they quickly became the "standard" for Josh as he sought to become a married man himself.  One of our first dates was actually to their house for dinner, so that he could get the "okay" to continue our courtship.  I passed.

And now, here we are...a decade later with 6 little sidekicks enjoying a picnic lunch and a grand outing to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences!  It was wonderful.
So much to see and do (and learn). 

Most of the live animals were of the creepy crawly variety.   Bugs, snakes, turtles, etc...  These guys are so cool!

Sadly, we were not allowed to take pictures of the special exhibit "Dinosaurs in Motion" that was on display.  It was an amazing interactive exhibit with the sculptures of John Payne.  The kids have been talking about it ever since we left the museum!

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