Monday, February 24, 2014

The making of a birthday cake...

Ever since we turned the calendar page from January to February, Caleb has been eagerly anticipating his birthday. It was on one of those early days in February when he asked me to sit down with him and pen the recipe for his birthday cake. He's done a good bit of baking with me in the last few years, so he ended up with a pretty accurate list of must-have ingredients. He probably asked me every day for two weeks if I had the ingredients and if it was time to make the cake yet...  Then, finally, as we were preparing for our weekend visitors to arrive, it was time to bake! My two (umm, three??) little sidekicks pulled up the step stool and got to work...

We did not begin with a trifle in mind, but since I'm afraid of layer cakes AND the cake ended up a tad on the dry side we made a last minute change...thankfully, it was a crowd pleaser!

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  1. What a great idea to do a trifle! Also I love Eden's outfit. :-) Gives me warm fuzzies to see those familiar stripes!