Sunday, October 19, 2014


*** Heading north for a bit more time on the Pacific, we spent most of the week with our West Coast Woodworth and Arthur families in LA and Orange County.   Our wonderful visits included Josh's aunt and her mom and my 91 year old great uncle and all of his immediate family!! From there we began our eastward journey with a visit to the Grand Canyon...***

Elise:  Loved spending with Rochelle...Knotts Berry Farm was a big hit for everyone!

Caleb:  Getting an intense chopstick lesson from Rochelle while attempting to eat his sweet and sour chicken.

Lucas:  Oh, dear...what am I going to do with these two?!?!  (Grand Canyon)

Eden:  The "Huff and Puff" ride at Knotts Berry Farm - Yes, a self propelled "roller coaster" (appropriately labeled "low thrill" in the safely guidelines).  This girl went around at least 8 times...and cried every time we tried to take her away!

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