Sunday, February 15, 2015

week seven


The Trio:  An explosion of valentines!  We had lots of fun spreading love in the kids' classrooms and in the mail to some of our nearest and dearest.  Loved seeing these guys hard at work!

Elise:  Her class is doing an author study on Kadir Nelson and look who came to town!  It was great to hear the story about how he worked to become the amazing artist and illustrator that he is.  We're big fans!

Caleb:  Serious "locals" right here!  Made it to Ted Drewes on the opening day of the season.  Can't believe my handsome guy is turning six next week!!!

Lucas:  Guess who helped momma make the chocolate cake for V-Day?!?

Eden:  My cute little love bug.  You can join me in praying that the terrible bruise she got on Christmas eve will continue to heal so I can eat up those sweet cheeks again.

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