Friday, February 12, 2016

2016: Week five


Elise:  Oh, this sweet first child...with her lists and plans and schedules!  I guess we've been doing this as a family for ages (making lists of things to do when we have play dates and babysitters), but now she takes on the task of making sure they have the whole evening planned out when we have a babysitter coming.  She also kindly dresses Eden in pjs and does her whole bedtime routine when we're out!  Having an eight and a half year old is a beautiful and delicate balance of drama and possibility...

Caleb:  I am so excited (and ready!) for him to see himself as a reader and writer...and we're getting there!  He's still in that phase of learning to read and write where it continues to be so much work and he wants to be able to do a lot more than he has the patience for, but...we're getting there!

I love how he always (always!) wears the survival bracelet my brother, Sam, made for him and his "Hold My Words" bracelet for our friend, Nathaniel, who is recovering from major airway reconstruction surgery.  Sweet boy.

Lucas: For as much as this guy likes to bounce and climb and run and jump and do other fairly dangerous things, he's also surprisingly focused on quiet activities like Legos, blocks, puzzles, and such.  On this particular day (and for the next two days), he worked for several hours building a marble roller coaster out of wooden blocks.  

Eden:  Sorry this isn't the greatest pictures, but this little one has taken on the role of family nurse in recent months and it's just too cute.  She's the first one to jump up and grab tissues, band-aids, ice packs...whatever type of care is necessary when a friend or sibling is hurt or in need.  (In this picture, she's taking the paper off the back of the band-aid to put it on Caleb's injured elbow.)

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