Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Disneyland Paris...a photo journal.

The second half of our trip to Paris included a visit to EuroDisney!  We figured it was about time we did something 100% "kid" since we've been dragging everyone along to ruins, cathedrals, and lots of other old things for quite some time now.

Guess who??  Elise probably could have burst with excitement - meeting Minnie and

Mickey and riding her very first roller coaster...Thunder Mountain
(which was "super duper scary!")

Round and round on the tea cups!

We discovered that Lucas now LOVES all things transportation.  Luckily there was no shortage of buses, boats, trains, and whirling rides.

"Casey Jr's coming round the track..."

I do NOT think they should let small children on the Orbitron - yikes!

Caleb's favorite quote at the end of each day was "My favorite part was....EVERYTHING!"
(I'm pretty sure the Lightning McQueen stunt show was high on the list.)

"It's a small world after all..."

Tatum and Caleb strike a Star Wars pose.

Yo, ho, ho - watch out for pirates.

The parade.

Watching and waiting for characters on parade

"Disney Dreams" fireworks and laser show - WOW.  

The 10 of us were quite a site trekking around Paris - we didn't look nearly as out of place at Disney.  

Tatum and Elise were thrilled to be together again.

There's a lot of love here!

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