Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Elise is FIVE!!!

Our dear Elise Amani turned five today.  She just beamed with birthday excitement the whole day.  We're so thankful and blessed to have such a silly, cheerful, helpful, sweet and independent little lady as our firstborn. We started the morning with a story about the day she was born along with a special birthday breakfast at the San Leonardello Agriturismo on the eastern slopes of Mt. Etna.  We enjoyed the fresh fruit and tasty homemade pastries and the little old man who owned the farm even brought out their own lemon granite for everyone!  Aunt Gail, Aunt Beth and Uncle John (it was the last day of their five day visit) surprised Elise with a beautiful ceramic dish that she had been intrigued with in Taormina, too.  We spent the rest of the morning soaking in the sun and cool mountain breeze and then headed to the airport with our family.  Had a quiet afternoon and Josh came home from work early to see the birthday girl.  Then it was an all-request dinner with hotdogs, sweet potato fries, edamame, watermelon and strawberry lemonade to drink.  This was followed by a trip to our favorite granite shop in town for dessert.  The Garbers joined us there and we got to sing and celebrate together.  A happy day for Elise!

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