Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Today's Recap

The kids and I packed the bikes into the car and headed to the playground on base to enjoy a good old fashioned play time together.  We love lots of things about our home here in Italy, but it doesn't give us a very good bike riding spot and we're a bit starved for playgrounds out in town, too.  We played as long as we possibly could (we were so sweaty that a friend asked if we'd come from the pool!) and then got a quick lunch at the food court and headed to the library to cool off and get some new books.  We haven't had a "regular" schedule for a while, so it was refreshing to do some favorite activities together on base.
This evening we went out for gelato to celebrate Caleb filling up his marble jar for keeping his undies dry.  Everyone enjoyed the cool treat and I think Caleb was proud that he'd accomplished his goal.  He was also quite pleased to coin the term "potty party" at some point during the evening.

When we were leaving the gelateria the kids noticed some whistle pops by the cash register and asked what they were.  Since it was a "special event" we decided that they could each get a lollipop to save for tomorrow.  As we were leaving Elise said, "I saw a little boy get one of the those lollipops and I thought I wanted one too.  Thank you so much for getting one for me.  I was thrilled when you said we could have one.  I'm glad they didn't even cost you too much money.  I'm really thrilled."

Lucas is quite the one hit wonder these days...here are a few questions we ask him on a regular basis - Note: His answers never change!

R: How many ______ are there?
L: Two, two, two

R: What color is that?
L: Blue

R: What letter is that?
L: B...always B

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