Monday, October 15, 2012

A Visit from Grammy and Granddad. (Part 1)

At last, the moment arrived for my parents to come for a visit to Sicily.  We were all so excited to see them, host them, and share our little corner of the world with them.  Though I think we could have had them stay for weeks and weeks, our 8 days of adventures and cuddles were just perfect.  We got to drive across the island, share some of our favorite Italian treats, play Duplos, read books, bake cupcakes, visit ancient ruins, swim in the clearest blue water we'd ever seen, and more!  

Into Catania to visit the market, buy fresh pasta, enjoy a taste of granite, and see the sites.  
I love you Mom and Dad!
Bam Bar - Taormina: Best Granite in Sicily! 
Views from Taormina's Parco Communale - what a good looking duo.

This picture is still making me laugh.  I wish everyone could have seen Lucas sprint over and strike a "cool pose" when my dad and Caleb were taking cool guy pics in the piazza.  The fish face and finger point were spontaneous and hilarious!

Thursday Night out at Il Tocco - a great pizza place on the water in Aci Reale.  Santa was home with the kids so we got to treat my dad to his first real Sicilian pizza!  The lights in the background are from the mainland.  We're on the Ionian Sea.

Super Mom!

Super Josh!
We arrived at this little cove in Zingaro Nature Preserve in the late afternoon and soon had it all to ourselves.  We swam, explored, skipped rocks, and climbed in caves. 

You may recognize these goodies from my post back in September.  They were worth going back for!
I thought about discouraging Elise from having gelato for breakfast, but since we were all having fried pastries it didn't seem like I had a very strong argument...guess I could have gone with the it's cold and rainy reasoning...oh,well!
Since we found ourselves with a rainy day we headed towards Trapani to check out the salt pans.  The main "harvesting" season is in the summer, but it was still neat to be there again and share it with my mom and dad.  

Erice:  a fascinating medieval city just outside of Trapani.  It's especially specular because it's on the coast but nearly half a mile above sea level.  
View of the coastline as we wound our way up the mountain.  

Castellemare del Golfo at night.  
Dinner by the sea.  Seafood couscous for my mom and I.  Swordfish for my dad and seafood pasta for Josh.  Yum, yum, yum!

"Picnic" breakfast in Zingaro.

Lovely spot for a picnic. 
It may not have been very hot, but wow was that water inviting.  

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