Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Weekend in Venice

We're zipping through our European bucket list as we're down to 10 months and counting until we head back to the States...Venice has been on the list for a while, but since the idea of taking three little kids to a place that's not stroller friendly and has water "hazards" at every turn, it took until now to gain the confidence to take on such a challenge.

Well, we ended up loving it and besides being the noisiest bunch of people around, the endless canals and bridges didn't end up being as daunting as we had feared.  We borrowed my friend Bethany's ergo so we always had the option to carry two thirds of our crowd.  Poor Elise had to walk a ton, but she was a great sport.  The kids LOVED the vaporetto water taxis that we got to take everywhere.  Lucas was so thrilled that "boat, boat, boat" was the first thing he said every morning (and most of the rest of the day for that matter!).  When we came home, Caleb - who usually prays every night of our trips that we can go back to our real house - asked if we could live in Venice forever!

The staircase from our apartment. 
Really.  Truly.  Venice. 
It's a little blurry - otherwise, it might have been our Christmas picture.  
First night in Venice - views from Rialto Bridge.
We crossed this bridge every morning on the way to "our" pastry shop.  By the second morning, Elise and Caleb could wind us through streets, down little alleys and over all the bridges to our morning cappuccino and cornetti.   

"Vacation Breakfast" at its finest.  

Elise was so "inspired" or impressed by our trip that she drew pictures and wrote stories in her sketch pad all weekend.

Day trip to the little island of Burano - known for it's handmade lace and...yup, you guessed it...it's colorful houses.
Had a few wet sneakers, but no one went for a swim!
The cool kids.  

Just can't get enough.

Bought fresh shrimp and scallops at the fish market and made dinner in our apartment - ate it while watching the Eagles game.  (wished they had won.)
Bird's eye view.
And then we moved them away from the 50 foot drop off...things were going to get too silly - fast!
Yum-o lunch at a little sandwich shop near St. Mark's - had to go two days in a row!
Don't do this at home.
My girl. 
St. Mark's Square.

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