Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Josh's latest song - for life's many changes.

Change is inevitable.
Change is good.
Change is difficult.
I don't like change.
True. True. True. True.

Given our upcoming move to the United States and our transition away from military life, Josh's newest musical endeavor is particularly poignant for me.  I think of the dear friends we've made through the years and the many many goodbyes that have been a part of our military life.  It is a rich and full life, but a difficult one at times.  I'm so very thankful for each and every person that we've had the opportunity to meet and share life with as we've traveled the globe and called North Carolina, Virginia, Japan, and Italy our home.

...I guess I should let the words of Josh's new song and the book that it represents say the rest...

Check it out here:  When the Seasons Change.

Based on the book "City Dog, Country Frog" by Mo Willems and Jon J Muth

...And so I wonder, as Josh said to some of our dearest friends the other day..."Who will be our country chipmunk?"

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