Friday, May 31, 2013

La dolce vita: May

Here are some photos from life in May...
Angry Birds:  Arthur style
Shelling fava beans from our neighbor's garden.
Another trip to the Butterfly House for a kindergarten field trip.  This time Elise got to go tubing!
Sweet friends in Mr. Atkinson's kindergarten class!
Mother's Day brunch and cooking class - hosted by my friend Allison.
On the menu:  Tiramisu!!!!!!!!!
...and Pistachio Pasta!
Our last pre-baby adventure...I love these two!
Dinner and birthday cake on our first night at home with Eden!  Thank you Becca!
Each of the kids got a special gift from Eden for being such sweet big siblings and for giving her such a wonderful welcome into the world!
A collection of ties (thank you Ebay!) for big boy Caleb.
Some new furniture for big sis Elise and her dollhouse.

Enjoying a biking outing with Daddy!  (Hooray for paternity leave!!)
...that's her ring finger...her nail had just fallen off after she broke her finger a few weeks ago...
Grammie and Eden...she's wearing an outfit that was mine as a newborn.
Market bounty for dinner!

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