Friday, July 5, 2013

'tis the Season!

Oh, the joys of a delicious summer peach!
...and a funny story about this variety of peaches... They are known  as 'pesca tabacchiera' in Sicily or 'tobacco can peaches'.  They are sweet and amazingly juicy this time of year!  I was picking up some fruits and veggies at our local market and mentioned to the owner that I had seen these peaches for sale when we were in Naples, but noticed that they were called 'pesca saturna' or "saturn peaches'...he looked at me and emphatically responded that these were 'Sicilian peaches' and they were called "tabacchiera" - he said that they could call them 'Jupiter peaches' or anything else they wanted to, but they belonged to Sicily and that was all that mattered.  I appreciated his passion for both Sicily AND these peaches! (they're really THAT good!)

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