Saturday, July 27, 2013

Now we are 6!

Our sweet Elise celebrated her 6th birthday this week! She was a wonderful sport about spreading out her birthday fun since our entire house was packed out on the actual day of her birthday. Our dear friends the Williams were kind enough to take all 3 big kids that day, which was a treat for us and for the kids!  Here are a few shots of our birthday celebrations for Elise...
Birthday morning breakfast!  Elise has been asking and asking for a pair of real tie sneakers for her birthday since Mr. Atkinson taught her how to tie her shoes this year at school.

We love our birthday girl.
Enjoying her new lego set!
Elise requested dinner at Donna Fortunata with 3 of our favorite families.  It was a very special night!
Carlo treated the kids sooo kindly!  He let them each make their own pizza and pick out toppings, too!
My sweet international girl chose tiramisu for her birthday cake!
Elise and her best friend Kaitlyn!
The kids must have been inspired by our recent viewing of "UP" because as soon as we got home they tied balloons onto everything we own to see if they would fly.


  1. Grandpa Sam must be so proud...Tiramisu! She is such a beautiful girl! Happy Birthday, Elise!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet girl! Love the pink decorations. Blessings