Sunday, August 4, 2013

To the beach...

We're trying to soak up every wonderful bit of Sicily before we depart next week, so we took our friends the Garbers up on their invitation to join them for a weekend at the beach!  Elliott searched long and hard to find a house that would accommodate our two families AND be right on the beach.  We were all kind of surprised to find that even though we live on a small island surrounded with coastline, it was quite difficult to get a house where you could walk right out onto the sand.  The thought was that with our combined 6 children (all under the age of 6!), it would be ideal to come and go as we pleased for naps, snacks, bathroom breaks, etc...  Well, it was absolutely perfect.  I realized as we were departing that my kids had not had their shoes on for the entire 4 days of our stay.  We just moved from the house to the beach to the water and back again, it was a joyful and (almost!) relaxing routine!
The house and it's amazing gated patio and yard made this a perfect place for the kids to roam free!
I feel more relaxed just looking at this picture!  (Our view from the front of the house.)
More play space.
Love these two together.  They are such a playful and mischievous duo!
Gelato time!
The U.S.S. Arthur (otherwise known as our air mattress) made a wonderful boat on the last day!
Just the right adventure to bring our time in Sicily to a close.  Good friends, sea breezes, warm sun, happy kids...bliss!

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  1. I love all these pictures, especially the collage of Lena and Lucas! We are going to miss you guys SOOO much... can't bear to think of it!