Saturday, August 31, 2013

North Carolina: Week One

We miss Sicily A LOT...but little by little North Carolina will become "home" too.  We've had a full (and sometimes overwhelming) week with lots of new beginnings and's a quick recap.
Hannah was so sweet to travel down to NC with the kids and I (a seven hour road trip with four kids was a tad intimidating to me!)...while she was in town we spent an evening around Josh's old stomping grounds in Chapel Hill.
A house with no furniture means picnics in the dining room...every night!  (For our first night in our new house we ordered take out from my favorite restaurant in town...Foster's Market)
Our pretty first grader on her first day of school! 
The much anticipated arrival of the BIG, YELLOW, school bus.  (The kids had never seen one in person until last week!)
"Sock-er" fun in our empty house...gotta do something to keep from going crazy!
...sweet Eden is so very patient...
...and cute!
In honor of our many (many) trips to our local granite and gelato shop, we took it upon ourselves to find a handmade ice cream shop downtown Durham.  Yum!
Another sentimental must - The Farmer's Market... upside: I found my absolute favorite succulent plant that I'd left behind in Sicily - WOW!  downside:  it would cost a small fortune to buy all of my fruits and veggies here each week (making me miss my Wednesday Motta market even more...)
...And a little Carolina BBQ to remind me that you can experience "culture" wherever you live!


  1. Beautiful photos, Rebecca! Your smiling faces are definitely missed here in Sicily. I hope we cross paths again...hey, it happened twice...possible it will happen again!! Best of luck in your new "hometown". HUGS!

  2. Loved every little detail of this post... maybe especially that familiar picnic blanket?? :-) Missing you so much, dear friend! Excited to hopefully see you in a few weeks in your new home!

  3. Great pictures! And nice to see your familiar smiles in your new world. We played quite a bit of "sock-er" here in the beginning, too.