Sunday, May 18, 2014


Elise:  We had the nicest girl time together this week.  We started by going to get our hair cut...she decided she that having long hair was hot and so she asked for a short cut (this the day after she claimed she was going to grow it and grow it and grow it forever!)  I think it's so cute!  (...and so much less fuss for both of us!)
Caleb:  Catching pop flies in the yard with Josh!  (Josh will make sure to enjoy this brief period when the kids are in awe of his batting skills...though clearly Lucas was more interested in picking his nose.)
Lucas:  A boy and his trains.  Diesel got quite a work out on the trail at Eno River State Park!
Eden:  My baby turned ONE this week!  I know she can't stay little forever, but sometimes I wish she would.

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