Sunday, June 22, 2014



Elise:  This girl fell in LOVE with terrariums when we went to visit Terrain with my friend Jill.  With Grammy by her side, she figured out that Clayton Park is the perfect place to find all the wonderful little things you need to make your own!
Caleb:  There's nothing quite like that sweet little drop of yum from inside a summer honeysuckle blossom.  (Last week with his cast on too!)
Lucas:  So proud of the egg he found in Lydia's chicken coop.  He came right in and had it for lunch!
Eden: Wish my camera hadn't died so I could have captured more of her adventures at the Delaware Children's Museum with Grandpa (and Grandma!)...the two of them held hands, wandered, splashed and explored for hours.  (Thank you for following her, holding her, and keeping her out of harms way, Grandpa Sam!)

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