Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ku-plink, Ku-plank, Ku-plunk!

Some of my fondest childhood memories took place in berry patches.  I remember many a hot summer day spent filling up a berry stained cardboard tray or little green woven box with whatever berry happened to be in season during that particular time.  Drinking gulps of cool water from Grammy's water bottle (which was always wrapped in a wool sock!)...And of course, looking forward to enjoying the fruits of our labor - whether it was eating them right out of the box after they were weighed or later that day made into jelly or a pie we might just have for dinner! Mmmm, such a gift were those days spent in fields and patches and brambles!   What a joy it is to now have the chance to share this sweet tradition with our own little crew.  

Once again, I'm sure she ate nearly her weight in blueberries!

Lucas and Elise were more engaged in picking this time, but I think Caleb still earned the "Star Picker" award.  Once again we had to practically drag him out of the patch! 

Don't be fooled...Lucas' main method of "picking" was to ask Josh and I for our handfuls of berries. 

By the end our berry picking method had deteriorated to sitting in the shade and picking whatever berries we could reach from the ground!  (And yes, my husband can sense a photo-bomb opportunity from fifty feet away!)

*** I forgot to take a picture of Grammy's blueberry cobbler with warm vanilla sauce that we had for dessert with friends later in the evening.  Yum!

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