Monday, July 21, 2014



Elise:  This girl loves her little sis and she's been quite responsible with helping take care of her lately.  (Most notably when they're both up at 6:30a.m. and Mom and Dad want a few more minutes of sleep!)

Caleb:  He and Lucas were hosting all sorts of World Cup events in the basement after a few weeks of watching soccer games on t.v.  I think the game they played the longest was a variation on "hot lava" with balloons and short wooden sticks.  And though I long to throw away all of our old trophies, they do come in handy when you have a World Cup Champion in the house!  (He followed me around for at least 15 minutes asking me to take a picture of him with his trophy and his champion face.)

Lucas:  "Tovi, don't climb up here where I's too dangerous for little kids." ...says the three year old to the five year old...

Eden:  No crying over spilled milk here...poor little lady was trying to get herself something to drink.  "A" for effort!

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