Sunday, July 13, 2014


Elise:  As an early birthday present Hannah and Chris sent her a wonderful activity book with all kinds of crafts, experiments, and fun things to do!  So far we've made edible play dough, colorful volcanoes and finger and toe paints.  Lots of summer fun!
Caleb:  This boy comes from a long line of firework enthusiasts!  (Saw the sparkler "shield" on a blog and thought it might make playing with fire more safe...the jury is still out...)
Lucas:  I think this sweet boy may have been feeling deprived of playdates for much of this year.  (I kind of crawled into a hole!) He asked if Emily and the kids could stay until August and he was so sad when they had to go home. 
Eden:  Doesn't she look so grown up???  What happened to my baby?  Similar to Elise, she's really not interested in using any words other than "da" to communicate, but she's just started to chatter on and on when she opens a book or picks up my phone.  Love her!

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