Sunday, April 26, 2015

week seventeen


Elise:  This week was all about "Tillman Town" at school.   The entire second grade helped to set up and run a mock town in their classrooms.  They earned money, paid taxes, took turns running shops, and had the chance to be consumers/tourists as well.  Elise helped to run the Squiggly Slick Sweet Salon with a few of her classmates.  They offered hand massages, manicures, up dos, mohawks, facials, tattoos and a Cool Whip shave!

Caleb:  We were invited to come to Tillman Town as tourists and Caleb got to leave his class and come with us too!  He was so careful about spending his money that when the town was closing for the day he had to hastily purchase an icing topped donut so he wouldn't "lose" the rest of his money.  Fortunately, it didn't seem to be much of a hardship!  (He also managed to purchase a pretty awesome book about Greek Mythology.)

The Big Three:  I'm not sure who was responsible for this idea, but it was quite sweet to wake up to these three eating breakfast while thoroughly involved in a game of Monopoly Empire.  I think I'll take the cereal mess and the thirty extra minutes of sleep again sometime, please!

Lucas:  Isn't it just the sweetest when your kids are immersed in play together?!?  Eden is just chatty enough these days that these two have started to be quite a duo!

Eden:  Totally intrigued and terrified by worms lately...she came running in and crying one day this week because she had touched a worm with her shoe, but then here she is on a worm hunt with Lucas...

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