Sunday, April 5, 2015

week fourteen

Elise:  Our lovely leading lady!

Caleb:  The highlight of his weekend was the purchase of a tackle box to go along with the fishing rod he got from Grandma Judy and Grandpa Sam for his birthday.  Next stop, the pond at Tilles Park!

Lucas:  Super excited to be in charge of prepping the dye for our Easter eggs.  He had been waiting for days and days!

Eden:  Our trip to the Botanical Gardens on Saturday was made even sweeter by the opportunity to participate in a flower arranging activity for kids (hosted by the Greater StL Daffodil Society).  They had painted recycled "vases" and had buckets of flowers at the ready for kids to enjoy making Easter bouquets.  Since we ended up with four bouquets we decided to take some to share with our neighbors.  Eden got to help with the deliveries! 

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