Sunday, March 29, 2015

week thirteen


Elise: This sweet girl wrote a song this week and then she and Caleb spent several hours practicing it. They talked about when to come in with the hand drum,what rhythm they should use, and whether or not they should "ooohh, ooohh, ooohh"; each of them sharing their thoughts and working it out as a team. Later that evening they had a concert for us in the living room - it was a delight.

Caleb: Another cooperative endeavor for the big kids was opening up their own stores in each of their rooms. They produced artwork to sell and then proceeded to create laptops, cash, credit cards, club cards, etc... I laughed to myself more than a few times when I heard them calling back and forth between their rooms, things like:

"Elise, are you logged in to the system yet?"  "Yes, Caleb, I'm putting in my password now."
"Caleb, don't forget to bring your club card.  We've got a good sale today."
"Elise, what's the expiration date on your credit card?"
"Does anyone remember my password?"

All this fun with some paper, pencils, and paint!  

Lucas: Mr. Yard Work! He's been super sweet and helpful with all of our spring cleaning in the yard. Eeeeek, and he's getting so big!

Eden: Not the greatest picture in the world, but since I managed to capture her with both feet off the ground I couldn't resist. She loves to grab a jump rope and bound up and down...near the rope, if not over and under it. Quite the jumping bean!

Lyrics to Elise's Song:
Lift it up to the Lord Almighty.  Lift it up to Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  Oh, yeah.  The Lord is mighty in praise.  He's holy, holy, holy.  He commands us to do what is right.  He gives us life.  Yeah. Jesus saved us from our sins.  God sacrificed his only son Jesus Christ for us.  Ohhh, lift it up...

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