Monday, March 16, 2015

week eleven


Elise:  We enjoyed a lovely performance of "The Spirit of America" by Elise and her second grade classmates.  Elise is so earnest when she sings and I love it!

Caleb:  Still working out the kinks, but having a blast with the electronics set he got for his birthday!  Josh has been wanting to buy this for one of the kids for as long as I can remember...six seemed like a pretty good age and since this guy lives for projects, we thought it would be just right!

Lucas:  A newfound passion for "Where's Waldo" books was sparked by a birthday card Caleb received from Uncle Ben and Aunt Libby (thanks guys!)  Lucas loves anything puzzle, seek and find, etc...we have our third book on hold at the library now!

Eden:  A girl and her accessories...She is quite doting on her babydoll these days and sleeps in her crib with more things than any of the other kids ever did.  (Baby, "pillow", two blankets and sometimes a book!)  In other news, her sing-songy, slightly lispy "yes" makes my heart melt every time she says it...usually with a big smile and her little tongue tickling the fronts of her teeth. 

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