Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Cinque Terre. Days One and Two.

We just got back from a lovely holiday weekend on the Ligurian Coast in northern Italy.  Cinque Terre translates as "The Five Lands" and is made up of 5 small towns that cling to the rugged mountainous coastline south of Genoa.  It is also known as "The Italian Riviera."  The towns were delightfully charming with their pastel colored homes and rustic nautical feel.  The terraced vineyards and jagged cliffs added to the enchanting ambiance as well.

Going in the off-season has its perks - it was affordable to get there and the towns were not overrun with other tourists.  Going in the off-season also has its downsides - there were thunderstorms and light drizzles throughout the weekend and many of the hiking trails were closed due to the inclement weather and constant threat of mudslides.  That was a bit of a bummer, but it honestly didn't dampen our spirits too much.  We were traveling with our dear friends the Garbers, so the less pleasant weather gave us more chances to hang out and visit while the kids played together in our cozy (read: small) little living room.
This was as close as we got to the Via del Amore trail.  Sadly it was closed because of the weather.  

Best buddies.  Yena and Lulu.  (aka...Lena and Lucas)

A vineyard trail above the town of Manarola.

So...the "cool face" has taken over and this is pretty much the only thing Lucas does in pictures right now.  


Yum...seafood ravioli.  This was Josh's lunch in Vernazza.  I opted for the chickpea and lentil soup, which was less colorful, but wonderfully warming and tasty.

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