Monday, November 19, 2012

Farewell Cinque Terre.

Our final day in Cinque Terre was full and exciting!  We tidied up the apartment and prepared to check out before beginning a "driving tour" along the coast towards Genoa...

Saying goodbye to Riomaggiore was soon followed by an amusing question from the backseat of the car... "Dad, why do you keep driving down roads that say "DANGER" and "FALLING ROCKS?"  Funny, I was kind of thinking the same thing - and so went our "3 hour tour" of the Cinque Terre coastline.  You may or may not remember that this area was heavily damaged last November by severe storms that caused mudslides and much damage to the area.  They've made a lot of progress in repairing the roads and infrastructure that were damaged, but it appears that there is still much work to do!
When I wasn't holding my breath, I was able to enjoy some stunning views.
Couldn't resist the vintage signs in Monterosso!

A very welcome (and sadly uncommon) sight in Italy.  What a cool playground!
Focaccia originated in this region..and I'm always a sucker for local taste treats!  Yum!

Don't think I'll ever grow tired of quaint little hillside towns!

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