Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Cinque Terre. Day Three.

Our third day in Cinque Terre started out with buckets of rain spilling down from the sky.  Josh, Elliott and their little ladies went out for some coffee and pastries and came back soaking wet.  (Fortunately they brought the treats home for us to enjoy in our dry apartment!)  Then it was time for the kids to play and color while Becca knit and the rest of us enjoyed visiting.  Around lunch time it started to clear up, but since the weather forecast wasn't convincingly optimistic we decided to stay close by and explore our own little town, Riomaggiore.

On our way up the hill we found a pizza shop that was open and got a few pizzas to share.  From there we continued our way up to the top of the town.  Here we came across the town duomo and the remnants of an old castle.  As you can imagine the bird's eye view looking down along the coast and the town below was fantastic!

The clouds receding from the valley.
Blue skies at last.


They had several murals like this painted throughout the towns.  They were done by an Argentinian artist in honor of the local townspeople who have worked for centuries to harvest the grapes and olives in the region.  They also pay homage to the generations of families who built the stone walls that line the terraced coastline.  

Nightfall.  Time to return to our quaint and cozy apartment to cook dinner.  Thanks to Elliott and Josh who prepared a lovely meal for us while Becca and I chatted and played with the little ones upstairs.

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  1. Wow, I just finished putting together a post about this day and was amazed to see so many of the same photos! I especially love the first two. Lucas and his cool face!