Sunday, March 16, 2014


Elise:  This girl gives 110% when she's excited about something and I love her for it.  Yesterday, she rallied the boys to clean up the basement so that they could enjoy a little tv show while I made dinner.  I'm trying to remind myself that she's old enough to have some more big kid responsibilities and privileges these days.  (Who said Mommas don't go through growing pains?!?)
Caleb:  Clad in our neighbor's elbow, wrist, and knee pads - I think he's looking more robot than boy these days!
Lucas:  Yes, this is the boy who was climbing to the top bunk when he was 14 months old...pictured here somewhere frighteningly high in our neighbor's magnolia.  (And, yes, he does have on one rain boot and one croc...did I mention he's a tad stubborn!)
Eden:  Trick of the week and yet another rite of passage for all of infantkind!

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  1. I was trying to remember when Lucas could climb to the top bunk. 14 months! Gil is almost 14 months and doesn't even walk by himself yet. Should I be glad about this? Not sure! Lucas is destined for the top of Mt Everest, I think.