Sunday, March 2, 2014


Elise:  My sweet girl seems so grown up lately.  Here she is dressed and ready for her school field trip to the NC Children's excited to wear a hat for Read Across America Day.  (aka Dr. Seuss' Birthday!)
Caleb:  Ever since our neighbor told him about the skate park downtown, he's been begging to go.  It was a bit out of our league (note all the teenagers in the background), but my confident Caleb was undaunted.  
Lucas:  My only blanket kid all wrapped up after his nap. (I toted mine around until college, so I'm kind of glad at least one of my kids likes a blankie!)
Eden:  This girl discovered popsicles this week!  Wish you could have seen her kicking, waving, and shouting for more...lucky for her, she has 3 doting older siblings who lined up to share licks with her.

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