Sunday, March 30, 2014


Elise:  If she's outside playing, she's almost always climbing a tree or swinging from it's branches.  Likewise, at school, most of her playground time is also spent on the monkey bars.  What a cute monkey!
Caleb:  Like his daddy, he's working on writing and recording a song.  I helped him write one about being a farmer and one about being a president but I'm going to call on our household musician for some backup very soon!  (Love the vintage Julius Erving shirt that's been around for a few decades...I have wonderful memories of going to Sixers games with my dad and staying late to shake his hand!)
Lucas:  Oh, the end of an era.  These Spiderman boots have been loved and loved.  In fact, if you've seen Lucas at any point over the last year and a half, chances are you've seen these boots.  I think they've been worn on as many sunny days as rainy ones!  Well, they've finally sprung a leak so they'll have to be sun boots from here on out.  
Eden:  This happened this week!  Lucas was at the top of the steps after just waking up from a nap; Eden practically jumped out of my arms and then proceeded to climb every single step until she made it to her favorite Lucas.  

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