Thursday, April 17, 2014

11 months old

'Tis spring again and this little lady is getting so big!  Sadly, this month Eden had an ear infection and cut her top front teeth, so she's been a little more clingy and little less cheery than usual.  Still, there's no stopping her almost constant desire to wave and say "hi" to everyone who will smile and respond to her!   She loves when we chase her around with big stomping feet and peek-a-boo continues to be a hit as well.  The big kids are still faithful and amazing at sitting down and playing with her and are usually patient when she plays the role of "monster baby" and destroys whatever it is they've been constructing or playing with on the floor.  The dishwasher and fridge remain her favorite hangout places around the house...though I don't let her play in the fridge for long and her acrobatics on the open dishwasher door suggest that I should probably put an end to that game as well!  
Sweet Eden, you bring joy to our days and we can't get enough of your cuddles, giggles and waves.  Soon you'll be one and the next chapter of our adventures with you will begin!

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