Sunday, April 20, 2014



Elise:  Love these girls and their beautiful smiles!  This picture makes me thankful for my wonderful sisters and aunts, too.  
Caleb:  He had such a great time working on building projects with Uncle Hayd!  Here they are working on an "impromptu jail" built with pallets that will eventually be used in Makari and Sote's tree house.
Lucas (1):  Wish you could have seen these two going from one grand adventure to the next.  Cousins are the BEST!
(2) Working together with Uncle Grant during a pretty intense game of "Guess Who?" (One of the new games we "discovered" during our visit.) 
Eden:  Won't be long until these two (and Finn and Zia!) are running around and having big adventures of their own...for now, though, sitting amidst a pile of toys on the kitchen floor is just perfect!

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