Sunday, April 27, 2014



Elise:  All about cartwheels this week!  Uncle Hayden and Josh have both taken time to show her their skills and give pointers, too.  (Sadly, I'm too scared I'll break myself!)  Yesterday she declared she was "really getting the hang of it!"  ...and I have to agree, she's improved a ton over the past two weeks.  
Caleb:  After a pretty major wipeout, Caleb was in the kitchen attending to his wounds and Eden came right over to check on him.  He is always so very sweet and gentle with her, it really seemed like she wanted to comfort him...though it also became apparent that she was interested in the ice pack...either way, it was very cute.
Lucas:  Always balancing, swinging, jumping off or climbing on little acrobat!
Eden:  If you look very closely I think you can find the two top teeth that have made their way out this week.  She's gonna look so grown up once they're fully in!

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