Sunday, May 10, 2015

week nineteen


Elise:  Apparently the idea came to her at 6:43 a.m. and by 6:57 she and the boys were tiptoeing into our room to present a Mother's Day breakfast in bed!  Josh sweetly popped out of bed and encouraged them to let me sleep a little longer...they returned at 8:00 after a brief detour to Krispy Kreme.  Sorry I didn't capture a picture of our bed completely covered in glaze after we managed to devour a dozen donuts there before zipping out the door to church.  

Caleb:  First taste of a root beer float when Uncle John came to town.  He's known for his root beer affection, so naturally we HAD to share some of our local Fitz's with him!

Lucas:  In the grand opening of our newly painted loft, Caleb taught Lucas how to draw a star!  What a treat to see them patiently working together.

Eden:  She worked so hard to get the air moving the right way out of her little lips so she could blow some bubbles by herSELF!  (Good practice for blowing out birthday candles next week!)

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