Sunday, May 24, 2015

week twenty-one


Elise:  I don't know why this picture melts my heart, but it does.  Elise was a star strawberry picker and with her growing skills in the kitchen she's also helped to prep for batches of jam and shortcake for all of us to enjoy!

Caleb:  Field day this week was a huge hit!  So fun to see the kids enjoy their classmates and have fun as we come to the last week of kindergarten!

Lucas:  Had to include this one since we're still laughing at(with!) Lucas for later referring to "that time we went out for 'beard ice'!!"  It was also our first outing to Tropical Moose Shave Ice which is in the Farmer's Market a few blocks away.  :)

Eden:  A very determined lady in the strawberry patch...she filled up her bucket and refused to let anyone help her carry it.  When she got tired of waiting for all of us, she plopped down (Little Sal style!) and ate her berries with glee!

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